Corporate Social Responsibility

EC Healthcare cares for the community and willing to take up the corporate social responsibility to create a more inclusive society. Not only encouraging the volunteer works and giving, but also does EC Healthcare recognize our staff as an important asset and concern about the employees related matters such as benefits and support. Besides, EC Healthcare appreciates of the importance of environmental protection and spared no effort in promoting the protection of the environment. EC Healthcare has been commended and given the public recognition that demonstrate good corporate citizenship as “Caring Company” from The Hong Kong Council of Social Service.

World Green Organisation - Green Office Awards Labelling Scheme

EC Healthcare has actively promoted the electronical operation and sales activities recently. Awarded as WGO’s “Green Office” Label, the UNSDG’s “Better World Company” Label, and the core supporting organisation to Junior Chamber International (JCI) Hong Kong, EC Healthcare has successfully fulfilled the 150 feasible green criteria from the World Green Organisation which grouped into following 9 categories: Energy savings, Water savings, Waste reduction, Paper/Printing reduction, Green Procurement, IT use and disposal, Transportation, Education and awareness, and Green Innovation.

Smoke Free Company

A supportive workplace can help smokers kick the habit which improves the health and efficiency of the employees. As to improve staff’s sense of belonging to the company and our team spirit, equip our staff with correct information of smoking hazards, and assist them to get rid of nicotine addiction, EC Healthcare has held an internal policy meeting and health talk for the staff, and rewarded as “Smoke-free” company.

Actively involved in volunteer work

EC Healthcare is committed to fostering and cultivating relationship with the community and are sensitive to the community's culture and needs. We encourage employees to participate in community services. The Companies invite employees' families to join the community and voluntary services together such as joining the “Lok Sin Tong Buddy Volunteer Service”, and donation to the “Po Leung Kuk” to help those in need in the community.

Adherence to the terms of the relevant legislation government, supporting for the further legislation to regulate the industry

Not only should the Company fulfils the social integrity and the basic obligations of socially responsible; implies internal control measures and sets up the Risk Management Committee, but also should the Company adheres to the legal norms and conducts advocacy regulatory compliance. The Company also supports the Government to have further legislation to regulate the industry in order to promote the progress and development of the industry.