Press Release

Release Date Title
2018-05-25 Union Medical Healthcare issues positive profit alert about expected surge of over 30% in annual revenue and profit after tax for FY2017/18
2018-05-17 Strategic Collaboration between Union Medical Healthcare and Tencent Doctorwork Establishment of Clinics in Hong Kong and Introducing Closed-loop System for Intelligent Clinics
2018-05-14 Medical Investment Fund OrbiMed Acquires Stake in Union Medical Healthcare and Becomes Second-Largest Shareholder and Strategic Partner
2018-04-11 Union Medical Healthcare’s sales contracts surged by no less than 40% in FY2017/18
2018-02-28 Union Medical Healthcare partners with Asia Miles to start customers off on fascinating journey to health, beauty and glamorous lifestyle
2017-12-11 Union Medical Healthcare Partners with SAIF Accelerate Strategic Layout in China Initiated from Chongqing
2017-11-30 Union Medical Healthcare Announces FY2017/18 Interim Results
2017-11-14 Union Medical Healthcare issues positive profit alert again Interim profit after tax estimated to surge by over 70% year on year for FY2017/18
2017-10-27 CMB International: Union Medical Healthcare at Attractive Valuation
2017-10-16 Union Medical Healthcare Announces Sales Performance during National Day Golden Week Holiday
2017-10-09 Union Medical Healthcare’s sales contracts surged by 45% in the First Half of FY2017/18
2017-09-25 Union Medical Healthcare wins award “Excellence in Innovation in Medical Aesthetic Market (Asia Pacific)” from Frost & Sullivan for professionalism and innovative spirit
2017-08-09 Union Medical Healthcare wins Grand Award in “Scheme for Recognizing Exemplary Employers for Promoting Qualifications Framework 2017”
2017-07-12 Union Medical Healthcare’s re:HEALTH wins “Healthcare Professional’s Most Trustworthy Health Screening Brand Award” for outstanding capability and excellent service
2017-07-10 Union Medical Healthcare Wins “Certificate of Merit” in “Enterprising Hong Kong Brand Awards 2017”
2017-06-28 Union Medical Healthcare Announces FY2016/17 Annual Results
2017-05-10 Union Medical Healthcare Writes Back HK$11.30 Million of Tax Provisions
2017-04-10 Union Medical Healthcare's sales contracts surge by 40% year on year in 2017
2016-12-16 Union Medical Healthcare Welcomes Proposed Rules to Regulate Medical Aesthetics Industry
2016-11-02 Union Medical Healthcare Proposes to Acquire 75% Stakes in Two Medical Equipment and Medication Suppliers for HK$37.73Million
2016-10-13 Union Medical Healthcare Announces Sales Performance during National Day Golden Week Holiday
2016-06-13 Union Medical Healthcare Announces FY2015/16 Annual Results
2016-06-01 Union Medical Healthcare Runs SAP
2016-03-10 Union Medical Healthcare Announces Allotment Results of the Global Offering
2018-07-30 Union Medical Healthcare and Biotechnology Company Avalon Genomics Agree to Strategic Collaboration
2018-08-07 re:HEALTH and Tencent Doctorwork Join Hands in Launching Childhood Vaccination Program
2018-08-16 Union Medical Healthcare’s Specialty Centres Offering Oncology and Chiropractic Services Expected to Commence Operation in Second Half of 2018
2018-08-21 Co-operation between Union Medical Healthcare and Tencent Doctorwork Jointly develop IT System
2018-11-15 Union Medical Healthcare and Tencent Doctorwork Jointly Open Primary Care Clinics
2018-11-21 Union Medical Healthcare issues positive profit alert about expected surge of over 30% and 50% in interim revenue and profit after tax for FY2018/19
2018-11-20 Union Medical Healthcare Rated as One of "Asia's 200 Best Under A Billion" by Renowned International Financial Magazine Forbes
2018-11-28 Union Medical Healthcare Announces FY2018/19 Interim Results Dedication to Development of Medical Specialty Aspires to Become a Leading Integrated Medical Group in Asia
2019-01-03 Union Medical Healthcare Extends Cooling-off Period to 14 Days to Protect Customers’ Interests Aiming to Raise the Standards of Hong Kong’s Medical Industry to the Highest in Asia Pacific
2019-02-20 Union Medical Healthcare Welcomes Promulgation of Outline Development Plan For Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area
2019-02-26 Union Medical Healthcare Makes First Foray into The Capital of China

2019-03-29 Union Medical Healthcare Opens New Specialist Centres in Central
2019-05-03 Union Medical Healthcare issues statement on HPV 9-valent vaccine
2019-05-22 Union Medical Healthcare issues positive profit alert about expected growth of over 35% in both unaudited revenue and profit after tax for financial year 2018/19
2019-05-31 Union Medical Healthcare exclusively introduces “Intelligent Health Assessment Set” into Tencent Doctorwork, Hong Kong’s first intelligent clinic
2019-06-27 Union Medical Healthcare, the largest non-hospital medical service provider in Hong Kong, announces FY2018/19 annual Results
2019-07-30 醫思醫療獲頒香港股票分析師協會上市公司年度大獎2019
2019-10-16 Union Medical Healthcare announces record-high interim sales volume of no less than HK$1 billion for FY2019/20
2019-10-31 Union Medical Healthcare and EuroEyes to form joint venture to develop ophthalmological services in Hong Kong and mainland China
2019-11-26 Union Medical Healthcare Announces FY2019-20 Interim Results
2020-02-25 UMH Adoption of the Co Ownership Plan
2020-02-14 Chairman Salary
2020-04-08 Close Beauty Service
2020-03-30 Covid-19 Test Kit
2020-01-07 Setup office in Shenzhen
2020-04-29 Strategic Partner
2020-06-30 Announces FY2019-20 Annual Results
2020-07-20 UMH increases stake in Hong Kong Pain and Wellness Solution Limited to 75%
2020-03-02 澄清公告
2020-08-04 One-stop coronavirus nucleic acid test jointly conducted by Union Medical Healthcare and recognised medical testing institutions meets with overwhelming public response
2020-10-15 Union Medical Healthcare announces record resilient interim sales volume of no less than HK$900 million for FY2020/21
2020-11-19 Union Medical Healthcare receives Capital Injections From Goldman Sachs Asia OrbiMed and GAW Capital
2020-11-30 Union Medical Healthcare (2138.HK) Announces FY2020-21 Interim Results
2020-12-01 HSBC and CGS-CIMB maintain Buy and Add ratings for Union Medical Healthcare
2020-12-04 Heung Kong Financial raise Union Medical Healthcare (2138.HK) target price to HK$6.77 and maintain Buy rating
2020-12-15 Union Medical Healthcare acquires medical laboratory institution in Hong Kong
2020-12-17 HKT, FWD Insurance and Union Medical Healthcare provide free telemedicine service to underprivileged families
2021-02-09 Union Medical Healthcare completes issuance of convertible bonds and warrants
2021-03-08 Union Medical Healthcare participates in COVID-19 vaccination program
2021-03-18 UMH opens new flagship store of health management and haircare centre
2021-04-13 UMH expects sales volume to grow by more than 10% to over HK$2.2 billion for the Year
2021-06-18 HSBC doubles EC Healthcare target price to HKD15.00 and reiterates "Buy" rating
2021-06-18 EC Healthcare included in MSCI Hong Kong Small Cap Index
2021-06-18 Strategic collaboration Memorandum between EC Healthcare and China Medical System
2021-06-18 EC Healthcare Acquires Pet Industry Business
2021-06-30 EC Healthcare Announces FY2020_21 Annual Results
2021-07-05 EC Healthcare Annual Results Beat Market Expectations Brokers Raise Target Price For The Group
2021-07-09 EC Healthcare Further Issue Shares to Strategic Shareholder Dr. Cheng Chi Kong and Aspex Management
2021-09-14 BOCI Released Initiation Report for EC Healthcare with Target Price of HKD14.33 and “BUY” Rating
2021-08-16 EC Healthcare Acquires Veterinary Hospital Chain Further Consolidating the Veterinary Market and Promote the Corporatization of Pet Medical Assets
2021-10-11 EC Healthcare expects to achieve a record-high sales volume in first half of FY22 Represents more than 60% Y-o-Y increase to over HK$1,520 million
2021-11-08 EC Healthcare Acquires Specialty Medical Services Centers in Hong Kong Empower and Consolidate Medical Asset Further Deepen the Group’s Medical Services Layout
2021-11-09 EC Healthcare Announced Positive Profit Alert Expected Growth of Over 60% in Unaudited Revenue and Over 200% in Profit after Tax for the First half of FY 2021/22
2021-11-29 EC Healthcare Announces FY2021/22 Interim Results Total Revenue Surged 81.1% Profit After Tax Surged 267.8% Further Consolidates the Healthcare Market
2021-11-29 EC Healthcare Acquires Hong Kong Dental Services Chain Strengthen the Group’s Medical Services Layout Further Consolidate its Leadership in Discretionary Medical Market
2022-01-10 EC Healthcare expects to achieve a record-high sales volume in third quarter of FY22 Represents more than 40% Y-o-Y increase Further enrich enclosed ecosystem and business show strong momentum
2022-01-18 Senior Management Increases Shareholdings in EC Healthcare With Strong Confidence in the Group’s Future Development
2022-02-16 EC Healthcare Acquires Multi-Disciplinary Medical Services Centers First Foray into Macau Dental Market Strengthen Chronic Disease Management Business Further Fortify Leadership in GBA Discretionary Medical Market
2022-02-18 EC Healthcare Included in the Hang Seng Composite Index & Hang Seng Stock Connect Hong Kong Index
2022-03-07 EC Healthcare Included as an Eligible Stock of the Shenzhen - Hong Kong Stock Connect
2022-03-09 EC Healthcare’s Chairman Eddy Tang Further Increases Shareholdings With Strong Confidence in the Group’s Future Development
2022-04-07 EC Healthcare Acquires Veterinary Business Further Consolidate the Pet Service Industry and Increase Market Shares
2022-04-21 EC Healthcare expects sales volume to increase 35% Y-o-Y to no less than HK$3 billion for the Year Medical services sales volume in Hong Kong and the overall sales volume are expected to record a no less than 25% and 15% Y-o-Y increase respectively for th
2022-05-23 EC Healthcare Acquires Health Screening Services Chain Further Expand Customer Base and Consolidate the Health Screening Market
2022-06-06 EC Healthcare Forms a Joint Venture with KaiLong and Asia Allied Infrastructure To Spearhead Unprecedented Medical Tenant - Landlord Collaboration and Build a Purpose-built Medical Grade Building in Hong Kong
2022-06-21 EC Healthcare Signs Inaugural Dual-Tranche Sustainability-Linked Facility The First-of-its-Kind in Hong Kong Healthcare Industry
2022-06-23 EC Healthcare Announces FY202122 Annual Results