EC notice fraudulent online bidding projects

EC Healthcare ("EC Healthcare" or "the Group"; Hong Kong stock code: 2138) notice that criminals posing as EC Healthcare staff and promote "Big Health Industry-Online Bidding and Profit Sharing" program to attract investors to invest.

The Group hereby solemnly declares that EC Healthcare never launched, participates in or promotes this "Big Health Industry-Online Bidding and Profit Sharing Platform", and the Group has not launched any investment and wealth management apps or mini programs available for downloading or investment. The Group appeals publics must not respond to suspicious persons or fraudulent emails or SMS messages and avoid providing personal information and following investment suggestions from unidentified person to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding and loss.

The Group's compliance financing activities are all undertaken by internal corporate finance department or a licensed financial institution. If you have any doubts about the identity of anyone who claims to be EC Healthcare related person or the project they recommend, you can email for inquery.